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The 5 benefits of our Oxygen Infusion Facial

How does it work? Would my skin benefit from it? Should I book this facial next?

Firstly, let's talk about the skin. The persona of the skin. Skin can be any age, and genetics plays a role in the aging process of the skin. We call it intrinsic aging. So how does genetics play a role in skin aging?

Genetics direct how the skin looks and behaves. Now do not misunderstand me, it does not mean genetics play a role in whether you have good skin or not. But more about the increased skin cell production.

It turns on the skin cycle where the body creates cell renewal. This means it creates new skin cells when the old ones die and are removed. It is the cycle of skin life.

Furthermore, genetics do determine the skin type, whether oily or dry along with skin conditions, and even in most cases wrinkles. So if genetics predetermine our skin destiny in a lot of ways how do we fight back? I am glad you asked.

It is no secret your body needs oxygen to live. The skin is the largest organ. Its cellular makeup goes through its own special renewal cycle.

  1. The capillary brings food, water, and oxygen into the cell.

  2. The cell expels CO2, which is considered cellular waste. This is why capillaries connect with the veins for waste removal. This is known as cell respiration.

  3. This promotes health, growth, and reproduction of cells.

Oxygen infusion facials connect with the process of cellular metabolism. When you spray oxygen whether it is 21.9% or 98% it is going into the atmosphere. There is no penetrable topical properties. So how can you infuse oxygen?

Skin communication, plain and simple.

The first benefit is cellular communication through science, chemistry and immunity formulas. It is the formula that connects with the skin. The enzymes within the stratum corneum are catalysts. They are the first line of communication and the target we need to start the activation process. Our formula is a mix of very concentrated Vitamin A, C & E.

Second benefit once the enzymes become active it starts to process the formula as a key active ingredient for delivery. This is where the depth of communication increases. It increases the circulation of the blood capillary where it stimulates the lymph capillary. Furthermore this synergistic movement provides the first part of cellular metabolism.

The third benefit is the removal of cellular waste. If the cell stays stagnant and cellular waste is slow to eliminate this may cause an unhealthy reproductive environment. Additionally, it slows the renewal stage of cell growth.

Fourth benefit puts it all together. Without a doubt, oxygen facials are the first communication with the skin. The oxygen infusion formulas introduce themselves to the enzymes. The enzymes become alert and start the first breakdown of the formulas actives (Vit.A & C). The skin color starts to change by creating that instant skin glow. This is why clients see immediate skin change.

Lastly, the fifth benefit is the skin is bright, healthy, and hydrated. Clients see an immediate skin change after the first treatment. Oxygen Infusion Facials are suitable for all skin types. We infuse skin safe Vitamin A, C & E and recommend using Environ's Vitamin ACE products at home for healthy long-lasting skin results.



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