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3 Must-know Toner Tips

Question: "Do I need to use a toner? We get asked this question all.the.TIME, and it is a great question! Answer: A toner is a superpower skincare product!

Here are 3 ways a toner can help you achieve gorgeous skin:

  • An added boost to your cleanse and enhanced make up remover. Wipe face (post-cleanse) with a saturated cotton.

  • Controls oil production, decongests the skin and purifies the pores.

  • A spritz of toner- after makeup application- brightens the skin and gives a dewy airbrush finish. Once you finish applying makeup, mist toner over face, neck, and décolleté, then gently press into the skin.

BONUS TIP: Keep a bottle of toner in fridge because nothing lifts the spirits like a mid-day pick-me-up toner spritz to the face!



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