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Therapeutic Massage: Sessions will utilize a combination of:

-Postural Assessment & Treatment - our lives, jobs, hobbies, the way we sleep can hold our bodies in static, unchanging positions which result in pain and discomfort. Sitting at a desk, driving, studying for school. Postural Massage addressing the opposite areas of pain first to correct things such as hunched/ shrugged shoulder, low back pain, tension headache and more.

-Myofascial Release - works to separate "stuck" layers of tissue to allow increased circulation, muscle relaxation and increased range of motion

-Trigger Point Therapy - get those "knots" out with direct, specific, deeper massage work.

-Facilitated Stretching - many muscle groups are difficult to stretch on your own without stressing other muscles. Relax and let me help you achieve that full, therapeutic stretch those muscles and joints need.

All massage sessions are customized to your needs, where lighter or deeper pressure will be applied.




                                                              Signature Massage: 90 min ~ $155


 Take your massage to the next level and enjoy the benefits of our Signature Massage! 

What is our Signature Massage?

It's a combination of infrared heat prior to your massage session, which consist of a 30 min infrared sauna blanket therapy, followed by 1hr massage (the appointment you book online will be for the massage portion, please arrive 40 min prior to your scheduled time for the infrared blanket session). In addition to the benefits that massage is known for, the use of our infrared sauna blanket can also assist with:

  • the removal of toxins from the body by stimulating sweat glands to release toxin build up

  • additional relief of muscles and joints

  • boosting immune system functions

  • reducing stress and fatigue

  • a sense of ultimate relaxation!!



  • People using anticoagulant drugs

  • People with blood diseases

  • People with heart diseases

  • People with high fever

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding (including under pregnancy suspicions)

  • People with acute infection



Therapeutic Massage:        60 min ~ $120

                                                             90 min ~ $160

        Therapeutic Massage Program:         60 min ~ 3 for $345 / 6 for $660 

                                                                                              90 min ~ 3 for $465 / 6 for $900 


*Massages in program need to be used 

in consecutive months


Aromatherapy Massage:  60 min ~ $125

                                                             90 min ~ $165




Prices Subject To Change Without Notice And Supersede All Previous Prices.

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