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karine wielock, Licensed Esthetician



Karine is the owner of C'est la Vie Day Spa and a dual licensed esthetician (CT and NY) with 27 years of skin care experience. After spending 20 of those years working in a large Day Spa, she decided to offer a more exclusive, personalised experience for her clients and opened her own Day Spa in Glastonbury Center, CT.


She attends many skin care product knowledge courses and esthetics educational training in the science of the skin and its required care to keep it healthy and happy. She believes the esthetics industry offers an on-going learning experience & keeping up with available knowledge is key to being the best esthetician possible. Her passion for skin care makes her job an enjoyable experience each day. She believes that investing in our skin is an investment that lasts a lifetime. From Facials, Chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Oxygen, MicroChanneling to Waxing services, she takes pride in each treatment she performs.  Consulting with a customer about their skin and making their visit at C'est La Vie Day Spa an enjoyable, relaxing and pleasant experience is something she enjoys and is very important to her.

She is experienced in all aspects of skincare and specialises in antiaging (both prevention and repair)and have had many years to work in a field that she loves. Karine is also trained in Oncology Esthetics.


Originally from the South of France, you will find reminders of where she is from in the decoration of her spa. She also travels back and forth to Europe to find the lastest and greatest new skincare break through to implement at the Spa. 

Rebekah Fox, Licensed Esthetician


Rebekah is a licensed esthetician who graduated Academy Di Capelli in CT. She has been interested in natural skin health for the past 7 years when she had her child who was born with severe eczema and incredibly sensitive skin. After seeing the damage of strong corticosteroids that the dermatologist prescribed, she dove into natural remedies for eczema and developed an interest in cosmetic formulations.


After attending Esthetics school, Rebekah worked at a wax only salon where she perfected her waxing technique and became a proficient waxer. However, Rebekah’s true passion in the skin care industry is providing facials because she loves to see the difference she can make in people’s lives by giving them the ability to feel and look their best self.


Rebekah believes that beauty on the outside is a direct reflection of one’s wellness on the inside. This inspired her into the world of holistic medicine. Gua sha is an ancient chinese medicine she is performing at C’est La Vie Day Spa. Gua sha improves the tone, texture and complexion of the skin by increasing blood flow and assisting in flushing stagnant toxins using precious stones. Rebekah knows true beauty comes from how we feel inside therefore this treatment aims to provide relief by relaxing tension in the muscles of the face while the expertly applied pressure and slow gliding of the gem stones provide relief to the nervous system and gives her clients the full mind body connection experience!

Dr. Amber Cheema, Medical Doctor


After practicing Family Medicine in various areas of Connecticut, Dr Amber Cheema decided to expand her services to include facial cosmetics and aesthetics treatments at the urging of her patients. She joined C'est La Vie Day Spa in 2016 to be able to offer patients a more relaxed environment where they can receive injectables, while still performing more invasive skin procedures in her own practice at St Francis Medical Group in East Hartford.


Dr Cheema is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology and completed her Residency from the University of Connecticut and St Francis Hospital and Medical Center. She holds board certification in Family Medicine. She has been performing skin procedures in her practice for over 10 years and sees patients of all ages and when discussing healthy lifestyle and personal well-being, understands that people want to age gracefully.

Prior to joining C'est La Vie Day Spa, Dr Cheema lived for 2 years in Bervely Hills, California. "I understand the balance of looking natural. The field of aesthetics is an art and the provider has to look at the client through their own lens to see what the best treatment approach is".

Dr Amber Cheema is a certified injector offering the Juvederm line of products along with Restylane, Belotero and Radiesse. She also provides Botox and Dysport.

Renato D. Silva, Licensed Massage Therapist


Since early on, even before becoming a massage therapy practitioner, Renato has always been fascinated and drawn to learn about the human body, and how it reacts and adapts itself, given certain conditions and physical behaviors  and lifestyles.  As as lifelong practitioner of many sporting modalities,  and a graduate of CCMT, Renato's a firm believer of our body's capabilities of healing itself,  given proper chance.

With the goal of restoring the body as close as possible to its natural condition prior to any chronic physical disfunction /injury, Renato applies his knowledge in order to customize the massage sessions to your physical needs, ranging from a soft touch, to a more deeper and specific type of bodywork.


"If long working hours, followed by repetitive movements have left you with aches and pains, or even physical restrictions, come and see me. If you are an avid  athlete or even a weekend warrior, through massage I can help you reduce recovery time and improve workout performance".

Renato's drug free approach to pain relief and stress management might be just what you need.