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MicroNeedling is a non-surgical esthetic treatment that is minimally invasive with a short downtime skin recovery.


With MicroNeedling, we learn from the best! With Dr Des Fernandes, founder of MicroNeedling in the USA and creator of the first Step Up Medical Strength Vitamin A products Environ. 

-Boston, September 2017

Dr Des Fernandes is ranked number 6 in the TOP 10 Best Plastic Surgeon in the WORLD and is dedicating his research to preventing skin cancer with the help of Vitamin A.


EGF Facial (Facial + Microneedling With Growth Factors)$450 each 


 Microneedling ONLY: $285 each ($250 if buying a package of 6 treatments)




               The best results are achieved using Environ Products and following Environ                                                          protocols during the treatments.







Prices Subject To Change Without Notice And Supersede All Previous Prices.

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