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                      EYEBROW EXTENSIONS




      Either you overplucked or you want your brows to be fuller, or you

have scars where the hair won't grow, brow extensions can help you

achieve the look you have always dreamed of. So regardless of the 

occasion, be it your wedding, anniversary or special event, or you just

don't want to spend your time creating brows with a pencil or powder

every morning any longer, this is a solution to your dilemma.


      Eyebrow Extensions are individual hairs, made of hypoallergenic

synthetic fiber. These premium eyebrows have a very slight natural

curl to match human eyebrow hairs. Each synthetic hair is bonded to

your natural hair and will last 3 to 6 weeks depending on care given.

Where there isn't any hair, medical grade silicone skin glue is used to

bond to the skin. These should last 8 to 10 days depending on care. 


      I take special care to bond hair to hair as much as possible to give 

clients brow extensions that will last as long as possible. 



CARE: 24 hrs after appointment, do not get brows wet/sweaty.

          No oil-based products on the brows. Keep creams, lotions,                                      

          sunscreen away.

          No powder/make-up on the brows

          When getting them wet, pad dry, do not rub







   Brow wax, Tint & Extensions Included In Prices



        From $99: Consultation recommended  


    Depending on the amount of time and hair extensions used.






   Fills: Recommended every 3 - 4 weeks depending on the individual for

maintainance:   from $65   






















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